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It would be very helpful, if you can press "I like" on picture in facebook.

With this "Like", my friend can win one contest :)

Hello everyone, Lancrecomm icon contest finally is closed. Totally we have posted 10 icons, who will be the winner?

Okay, then let's start the hot voting! :D

Vote Number 1: K0van
Vote Number 2: ivfromlv
Vote Number 3: fredrikaw
Vote Number 4: fredrikaw (icon v2)
Vote Number 5: azyrusmax
Vote Number 6: ivfromlv (icon v2)
Vote Number 7: filipekastro
Vote Number 8: Mo4itajs
Vote Number 9: WillyEpp
Vote Number 10: JoaoColombo


Deadline - 20Feb!
Hi all! :tighthug:
So, this is Lancrecomm Icon Contest Number 2 !

:bulletyellow: You can submit max 3 works.
:bulletyellow: Work must be in Lancrecomm Icon Contest folder.
:bulletyellow: Work must be fresh..
:bulletyellow: Work must be your own.
:bulletyellow: Work must be in 100x50 pixels.
:bulletyellow: Work must submit to 15th February, 2011 .


:bulletpink: If you will win: FEATURED WORK (only your one work) for a month. It always be FEATURED (but for a month only). So, you will increase your popularity.
Prize isnt big, but its ok.

How can we will find out the winner:
Heads of Lancrecomm will vote. :hug:

This isnt necessarily, its optional

:bulletred: NAME: Lancrecomm
:bulletred: SUBNAME: Creative
:bulletred: GROUP SYMBOL: Anchor  THESE TIPS ISNT OBLIGATED! Just simple tips!

-- -- -- -- --
Any Questions? Ask in Comments Box below. :D
Hi guys n gals,

I am trying to find a good Monitor.To get some first hand information about it from fellow designers I have posted a post at the forum.

Please if you are using a LCD/TFT LED monitor then please follow the following link and help me with your suggestions.I would greatly appreciate. :)…


:pointr:The first matter of the day is an announcement I have to make:

To all designers out there, especially those of you who are addicted to typography!

drop-asd is hosting a contest at Digiversity

Here is some essential information:

Love Letter Contest

:deviation: Media Allowed

Digital text art, all digital media allowed!!!

:idea: Theme

What I want you to do is simple - pick one of your most loved people, take the first letter of their name and use it as a centre of your image, which should aim to represent the personality of the person in question and the feelings you have for them, be it love, adoration, respect, lust, admiration etc. Feel free to add whatever images your heart desires but make sure that it is the letter that is the central character. Let the piece be a tribute to that person, express all the reasons for which you love them and make us feel the love, too.

We encourage you to add a few words about the person the piece is dedicated to in your artist's comments. Let us know who that is and what role they have in your life.

:dead: Deadline!

Start Date: 14 June 2010
End Date: 7 July 2010 (23:59 EET)

Time zone converter

Note! The deadline could be a extended if necessary.

:salute: Rules

:bulletblue: The contest is open only to DIGITAL MEDIA!

:bulletblue: Number of entries allowed: 2 per participant. If more are submitted they will be automatically discarded.

:bulletblue: The entry must be a new work created specifically for this contest.

:bulletblue: The entry must be created according to the theme. Entries, which do not abide by the theme, will not be accepted.

:bulletblue: The entry must be submitted in the correct gallery in dA and abide by DeviantArt's official rules, e.g. if you use any stock images or resources, you must give credit to the author in your artist's comments/description.

:bulletblue: The entry must be submitted within the time limit (see above).

:bulletblue: Link to the original journal entry in your artist's comments/description so that other people can find it and so that it is known that the work was specifically created for this contest. It is advisable you also add some information about the person who the work is dedicated to.

Read the whole details before participation. For the full article and additional information about submitting your entries and prizes visit the Digiversity blog…

:pointr:Second matter

I couldn't help noticing that not much has changed around here. So how about we try and do something different and new (like some weekly features for example). Any idea would be helpful. You can leave your suggestions in the comment section of this blog entry. :below:

That's all for now. Good luck to everyone who participates in drop-asd's contest :#1:

Peace out!

xX KidDoo Xx

I know I haven't been active lately. My deep apologies for that ^^;